Book excerpt: How text analytics creates executive-level empathy

As CX leaders focus on customer empathy, text analytics plays a huge role in advocating for executive buy-in to CX initiatives

For customer experience, numbers matter – but they aren’t everything. Today’s CX leaders are focusing on a different metric – customer empathy – to build stories that help them engage and communicate with an audience. Not only is customer empathy is an essential piece of CX strategy, it helps to achieve executive buy-in, too. And it’s no surprise that text analytics is at the forefront of technology driving the focus on customer empathy.

In a new book titled Customer Experience, CX leaders including our own founder and CEO Narjes Boufaden contributed their expertise to the cutting edge of CX strategy and research. Read the excerpt below for Narjes’ perspective on how text analytics is paving a new approach to customer empathy and organization-wide change.

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