Analyze feedback to create better people experiences

Keatext brings the voice of customer and employee into your day-to-day activities. Easily understand what drives engagement and get tailored AI-based recommendations to improve people experiences.


Customer and employee centric brands trust Keatext

Upload feedback with a seamless setup

You don't need to redesign your tech stack to understand the voice of customer and employee. Keatext fits right in as a cloud-based, standalone analytics platform. Upload your own data files or use our integrations to discover insights in minutes.

Understand the experiences you deliver

People are already telling you their experiences with your company. Identify blind spots and learn what you don't know is hurting the customers or employees you depend on. Find out key drivers that impact satisfaction. Advocate for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Recommend actions with the most impact

Suggest improvements with the most impact on people experiences. With AI-driven recommendations tailored to your business context, Keatext makes reporting easy. Download an insight summary that's ready to share with your team or manager.

CX and HR teams are stronger with Keatext

Chris Gast

VP Customer Experience @ COOLA

I spent 20 years in SaaS and have honestly never seen this level of service. If you don't have a voice of the customer solution influencing every corner of your company, Keatext is a brilliant place to start.

Cyrine Ben Ncib

Marketing Specialist @ Intelcom

Keatext allowed us to overhaul our CX program and start from scratch. We switched all our surveys over to open-ended, moving from assumption-based guesswork to data-driven, research-based decisions.

Alisha Manion

Account Manager @ Sampler

Even reading through a few hundred ratings and reviews to see what jumps out and what some of the themes are takes a lot of time that we don’t have. Instead of 8 hours, it takes me 10 minutes using Keatext.

Ways to use Keatext


Identify the root
causes of negative

customer experience


Understand what
drives NPS and
CSAT scores

ticket analysis


Improve time to
resolution and
reduce churn

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    Insights Hub

    Text Analysis

    Text analysis is a machine learning technique used to analyze and find insights in open-ended text data, like customer or employee feedback.

    voice of customer

    Voice of Customer

    Digital customer experiences are the new battleground for brands, and a voice of customer program is critical to stay competitive.

    voice of employee

    Voice of Employee

    In a changing HR landscape, post-pandemic and with new economic pressures, understanding the voice of employee is crucial for profitability.

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