Keatext and BRP at NGCX

We’re excited to announce that Keatext will be taking part in the NGCX (Next Generation Customer Experience) event on March 27-29 in Phoenix, Arizona. Together with our client BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), we will be showcasing a case study demonstrating the power Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring to a customer experience program.

What is NGCX

NGCX is an event targeted at senior customer experience (CX) professionals wishing to enrich their CX knowledge by networking with other professionals in this space, sharing case studies, and participating in roundtable discussions. With a philosophy of hands-on knowledge and high-quality speakers, it’s sure to be a valuable learning opportunity.

If you want to attend but haven’t bought your tickets yet, use this special discount code for 25% off: NGCX18KEATEXT.

BRP and Keatext co-presenting a case study

Keatext CEO Narjès Boufaden will be co-presenting a case study with Myshka Sansoin, Customer Experience Specialist, in charge of the Global Customer Experience at BRP.

BRP is a Canadian company founded in 1937, with a current Market Capital of 5.06B$. With its 8.700+ employees, it designs, manufactures and supports a diversified range of recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and jet boats.

For BRP, maintaining excellent customer experience across third-party dealers is extremely important. Myshka Sansoin will be sharing her experience using text analytics when managing the recent recall of an ATV product. Armed with the capability of checking the mindset of customers at scale and in real-time has allowed BRP to manage the delicate situation and ensure their customers’ expectations are promptly met by fine-tuning communications and compensation.

BRP ATV no incident recallOur team will be very pleased to meet customer experience (CX) professionals, learn more about their challenges and discuss the overlap between modern text analytics applications in the CX space.

Round table: Overcoming your CX blind spot with AI

For a more hands-on experience, Narjès Boufaden will also be leading a roundtable discussion on “Overcoming your CX Blind Spot with AI”. This session will explore the use of text analytics as an early warning system for an impending crisis.

If you decide to attend these sessions, we hope they will enrich your understanding of what’s possible when integrating a well-thought-out CX program by leveraging the magic of AI.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to meet you!