Compare and contrast

Text Analytics Platforms

A complete feature offering

Top text analytics platforms like Lexalytics, Luminoso, and Thematic fall short of a complete text analytics offering. From quick setup and connectivity to advanced customization, Keatext brings text analytics at its best to every stage of your feedback analysis.



Other platforms like Gavagai, SentiSum, and Ipiphany are missing core elements of text analytics such as multilingual and multichannel capabilities. With Keatext, you can be confident that you won’t miss a thing.

What sets us apart

Speed, flexibility, and ease of use are what take a text analytics platform from good to great. Offering all three together is something our competitors like Thematic, Luminoso, and Lexalytics haven't got quite right.


Doesn't require weeks of setup or AI vocabulary training



Customizable to your needs and those of your business


Ease of use

A simple and powerful feedback analysis process


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