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What your hotel guests really think about you

With hotel guests providing more online feedback than ever before, this infographic clearly shows the value of accessing and understanding their sentiments and suggestions. Rich text analytics helps you eliminate blind spots and allows you to take action, letting guests know they matter. Insights will let you:

  • Get instant clarity on how the hospitality industry is faring.
  • Learn what hotel guests biggest concerns are, and what memories they are making during their stay with you.
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Are your customers getting the same experience online and in-store?

Our AI-powered text analytics platform revealed a few glaring discrepancies in how consumers experience an in-store experience versus shopping online. And when we dug around, it became clear that the root cause of customer dissatisfaction frequently came down to a disparity between online and offline customer experience. These insights will:

  • Feature you how much customers value  – and expect  – a consistent experience.
  • Showcase that when brands get it right, customers notice and praise generously.
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