17 NPS Calculators and Survey Tools

Top NPS Survey Tools and NPS Calculators

The Net Promoter Score is obtained by aggregating responses from your NPS surveys. If you want to learn more, Delighted has a pretty straightforward examples of NPS calculators and definition on their website. NPS software choices and options are truly endless and selecting one will ultimately depend on your company’s functionality needs, budget and goals.  Regardless of the tools you go with, NPS tools include built-in calculators for you to assess customer satisfaction levels.

Currently researching NPS software and NPS calculators? We scoped out the NPS landscape, and put together this epic list of providers to save you some time:

Satmetrix, Bain & Company: The Godfather of NPS and the creators of the first NPS calculator. 

Asknice.ly: Eye-catching designs, easy set up and integration with Salesforce, and the ability to autonomously survey samples of your customers. You can also send out surveys when an event is triggered in Salesforce (i.e when a customer case has been closed).

Recommendi: An iOS Ipad application that enables you to collect customer feedback and data.

nps calculatorsCustomer.guru: A boutique consulting firm that helps its clients become customer centric. They also have a popular CX blog

Netpromotive.com: Use the Net Promoter Score to track customer satisfaction, help companies get feedback and fuel customer interactions. I think it’s currently in Beta. 

TrustFuel NPS: Build beautiful, branded email surveys, quickly see and sort comments and scores.

Promoter.io: Help you control the word-of-mouth mindshare with a powerful net promoter score platform.

Retently: Efficiently measure customer satisfaction, collect actionable customer feedback and prevent customer churn.

Praiseworthy.co: Allows you to survey customers, monitor feedback and improve team preformance. They also boast an average response rate of 30%. 

Wootric: Allows you to get NPS feedback in-app or on your website. 

Delighted: Uses Net Promoter System® to gather real feedback from customers quickly. Easy set up no technical expertise needed.  

Survicate: According to G2 Crowd Survicate was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Check it out.

Queryz: Their NPS tool is pretty feature-rich. Includes everything from pre-made survey questions to auto-redirect on answer.

Yes Insights: Survey customers in different contexts and get a full picture of their journey.

Code Barrel: They specialize in creating add-ons for Atlassian products.  

Downright.io: Allows you to gather valuable and actionable feedback through qualitative open-ended questions.

Devoted.io: Simple NPS software for growing businesses.


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