NPS Benchmark Scores 2016: Industry Statistics

NPS Benchmark: Scores By Industry

The viability of your organization is highly dependant on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It’s also significantly influenced by how likely these same customers would recommend your products and services to their networks. According to Net Promoter Network, NPS benchmark scores will differ by industry, but will also vary based on other demographic factors like region, time with your company, income level, and even customer age. In the end, it’s a combination of these factors that make up your NPS® scores, and gives you visibility into your business’ potential for growth.

Go beyond the NPS score. Get deeper insights from your customer feedback. 

To help you better understand NPS benchmark scores by industry, we put together this great list of statistics and resources:

1. This graph clearly shows NPS scores across several well-known industries and verticals. Of particular interest is the fairly low NPS average in the internet services and Cable Televison industry. Whereas, Tablet Computers and Department/Specialty stores boast NPS averages of over 50+ (clearly they are doing something right.)


nps scores by industry

NPS Scores By Industry

(Source: Net Promoter Network)
2. For more in-depth information check out Satmetrix’s 2016 NPS Consumers Benchmark Report

3. CustomerGauge, recently published Parts 1 & 2 of their 2016 NPS Score Benchmark Annual Survey Report and it’s on their website.

4. NPS Benchmark Scores by Individual Industry:

Law Firms

NPS Benchmark Reports To Gain Competitive Advantage

Great, now you have everything you need to understand NPS scores by industry! Now what? The only way to improve the customer experience, is to understand how your doing in relation to your competitors. Jason Barro, Partner at Bain & Co, recently shared some best practices on assessing competitor performance.

NPS Benchmark Scores Are Not All Created Equal

Although many companies currently use NPS benchmarks to help them understand how they stack up against their competition, it’s important to remember that you cannot rely solely on this metric to assess business performance. Hellocustomer puts it nicely: “NPS can vary enormously depending on lots of factors. Unless your survey has the exact same survey process as the benchmark’s process, Net Promoter Scores are incomparable.”

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